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How You Can Help Your Community During Covid-19

During this pandemic, many people are feeling tired and hopeless. So here are some ways you can personally make someone's day in your own community.

1. Write a Card/ Thank-you Letter.

Even though writing out a letter can be old-fashioned, it can truly make someone's day. Whether it be addressed to a person in a nursing home, or someone working in the hospital, a hand written note is personable and a very nice gesture. It shows that you took time out of your day to acknowledge their actions and say nice things.

2. Donate what you have.

During the pandemic, many people have gone on a cleaning spree! While cleaning people have found clothes that were unworn, too small, or things they did not know they even had. If you have found yourself in that same situation, instead of throwing these clothes away or stuffing them back in your closet, donate them to a worthy cause. Places like the American Red Cross and local clothing drives that will be more than happy to take them. (If they are in a desirable condition, of course!) Almost anything you have that you have that you no longer have a use for can be donated for a worthy cause.

3. Host a zoom class

If you have a talent such as sewing or drawing, host a Zoom class. There are a bunch of kids and adults who are restless and are looking for something fun to do while. If you have an amazing ability, why not share it with the world? Advertise it on a social media platform and invite people to join. Hosting a Zoom class is a great way to make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and hear people's stories. It is a safe way to interact with others and still have fun.

These small things may seem insignificant but it can really make a difference in a big way! Be safe, wear your mask, and socially distance!

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