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How YOU Can Help Your Community This Thanksgiving!

Even though Thanksgiving is not the same this year, there are still different ways that you can make this Thanksgiving a memorable one.

  1. Donate Canned Goods to a Food Pantry.

Canned goods are such a valuable gift to give on Thanksgiving! When canned goods are given to places like food pantries, they are distributed to those who may not be able to afford a meal. A small gift like a canned good can make a person happy and full!

2. Write a letter to a Soldier.

During this time, it is hard being away from family. A simple letter can make someone feel so special.

3. Build a Birdhouse

Even though this may seem like a strange idea, its a fun one! Building a birdhouse is a fun family project and it helps out the little "feathered friends" of the world. Once the birdhouse is finished, it will be a sight to see!

4. Donate Old Clothes

Personally, during quarantine, I have found many clothes and shoes that I do not wear anymore. Instead of letting old clothes and shoes collect dust, donate them! Even though you may feel like "that jacket is just not my color" that jacket may keep someone warm this upcoming winter!

I hope these ideas can give you some form of excitement for this upcoming Thanksgiving. Just always remember to stay safe and have faith!

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